Steamworks Player Hubs

Bring your Steam account to life in the virtual world.  Player hubs are like game hubs, but instead of being all about a specific game, they are all about a specific Steam player.

playerhubsPlayer & Game Hubs come together in an exciting new Anarchy Arcade feature that basically lets you create a media-rich, safe, and automatic 3D public hangout that you and your friends can enjoy. Stay tuned for more on this amazing new feature!

Steamworks Features

After Anarchy Arcade is greenlit, it gets access to Steamworks features.

gamehubsThis means all of the Steam community can be unleashed into your virtual world. Virtual Game Hubs is just ONE of the exciting features made possible by this. Keep an eye out for information on how you’re Steam Inventory is going to make its way into Anarchy Arcade next!