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Sith Mercenary Headquarters is a massive building with 5 floors of unique rooms and combat zones.   There is an in-game spawning system that players can use to control where the action is.  This level offers fast and furious combat for large games or small 1v1 games alike.  It has too many secrets to count, and players are given “achievements” for each secret that they discover.  Each secret is rated by scale of awesomeness ranging from “LAME” to “SHIBBY ASS”.  There are in-game jukeboxes that control the music played in different sections of the map.  This level was created before the JK Unofficial Patch removed object limits.

Game Story

The year is 4001. The Earth’s atmosphere has completely dissipated into nothing. The Earth is no more than a populated asteroid circling the Sun. Most humans have fled to other newly found life supporting planets but a large few wish to remain on their home planet.

The Human Conservation Act, passed by President George Bush XV in 3984, forced all governments in the Inter-Planetary Union to contribute to the construction of hundreds of Human Conservation Buildings throughout Earth. When alien nations threatened the IPU, some of these buildings were converted into military bases. But when the aliens died out from human viruses, these military bases were repopulated with the average public.

SM HQ is based in Human Conservation Building #214 – La Paz, Baja California, Earth. Building #214 is more like a self-contained city than a housing project. It has many recreational facilities such as a shooting gallery, boxing arena, movie theater, and more. But it also contains some combat training facilities from when it was a military base. Some of these include the Pillar Training Area, Zero-G Training, Anti-Gravity Tube and many more.

Building #214 also has many apartments for it’s inhabitants. Some of these are high-class living quarters, and others are small, run down apartments in the building’s ghetto.

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