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Automatic Steam Games Setup & Artwork

Now SM Arcade will automatically detect every Steam game that you own and list them in your media library.  In addition, all marquee and screenshot images for these Steam games are automatically downloaded without any interaction required on the part of the user.   The slideshow below shows some of the games that were automatically detected for me as well as the artwork images that SM Arcade found for the games:

[nggallery id=23]

I also implemented some other functionality improvements that have been absent so far in BETA 2, such as the Library Browser, the Model Browser, and the ability to delete shortcuts that are placed in the map.

A console variable was also entered that controls the resolution of the shortcuts placed in the map.  In other words, you no longer have to rename files to switch between “HI-RES” and “LOW-RES” modes.  You can enter any resolution for this variable, so you can go ahead and run in “MEDIUM-RES” if you wish.  The default value for this variable is 256.

3 thoughts on “Automatic Steam Games Setup & Artwork”

    1. Well, right now it scrapes your public Steam Community profile to find out what games you own. I think only official Source mods would be listed there.
      SM Arcade isn’t the best at launching other Source-engine games anyways, such as HL2, CSS, Portal 2, L4d2, etc. A painful limitation, seeing as how Source games are some of my favorite, but not a project killer.

      I am currently working on some real scraping functionality in SM Arcade finally. Trying to setup the scraper for non-Steam PC games. 😀

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