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New Version on!

The new version of SM Arcade (2.0e) is posted on Tell your friends, spread the word. Now’s the time to get more people interested in using the mod as their interactive desktop wallpaper.

Mentioned on the RetroGaming RoundUp #47

Can’t get enough retro games? I hope so, because the RetroGaming RoundUp is an 8 hour internet radio show that covers topics ranging from gaming conventions to top 10 lists.  Listening to the entire show in 1 sitting is not recommended. Source Media Arcade is listed on the show’s itinerary, but I haven’t heard the part where they mention it yet. If you find where they talk about it, let me know! Either way, its worth a listen if you love retro games.

RetroGaming RoundUp #47 –

Source Media Arcade 2.0 RELEASED EARLY!!!

Once again, Source Media Arcade is being released early so you can make your spooky-themed arcades in time for Halloween.  One key new feature is a “GoLive!” item that will turn your single player game into an internet-enabled multiplayer game that appears on the master server list.

Download Source Media Arcade 2.0

Discover NEW Movies & Games w/ SM Arcade

By now you’ve all gotten the idea that you can discover new media by joining other people’s arcade servers. Well, now there’s a whole new way to discover new media without even playing multiplayer.

Today’s video showcases 2 all-new features to hit SM Arcade in the past few days. First is the DISCOVER BUTTON which will aid you in placing media items that you don’t even own yet! What’s the advantage to that? The 2nd feature showcased in the video are the SEARCH PROVIDERS which link you directly to matching media on your favorite sites! After you buy/download the item, all that’s left is to plug it into SM Arcade and start checking out the all new entertainment you discovered in the 3D world of Source Media Arcade. Your all-in-one PC media center!

Discover NEW Movies and Games – Mod DB

Official API

I have obtained an official API key for SM Arcade to legitimately plugin to’s movie database without having to scrape their actual website. I just finished implementing the new API. The result is faster, more accurate search results for you, the user. I have also obtained an official API key for and will soon be adding support for obtaining TV show information.

Custom Search Providers

I’ve already blogged about the ability to explicitly list download locations for games and movies placed in your arcade. Today’s developments takes it a step further and simplifies the task of finding a place to download/purchase games and movies that DO NOT have an explicit download location.

Search Providers are useful because they will help guide you and/or the players in your arcade down the right path when trying to find a place to download/purchase missing media. They provide shortcuts for searching relevant sites for download/purchase locations.

A variety of default Search Providers will also come stock with the mod, but players can easily create new custom Search Providers.

When you join a multiplayer arcade, you have access to all of the custom Search Providers used by the host in addition to any custom Search Providers you may have defined. And as always, you have access to the default Search Providers as well.

This is what a Search Provider looks like in the UI:

Search Providers

Each search provider contains the following information:
1. The name of the site (Ex.,,
2. The type of the transaction (Ex. purchase, stream, download)
3. The search syntax URL of the site where $TITLE gets replaced with the media item title (Ex.$TITLE)
4. A brief description of the Search Provider
5. The TYPES of media that this Search Provider is relevant to (Ex. movies, pc, snes, nes, etc.)

Only relevant Search Providers are listed for the items. For example, Netflix will never show up as a Search Provider for a missing PC game.

Private beta server goes LIVE once again

Private multiplayer beta testing is LIVE once again, and the VRCADE SERVER has resumed hosting nightly sessions on one of the 4 maps in rotation. If you are interested in taking part in the private beta tests, just send me an email at