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Steamworks Features

After Anarchy Arcade is greenlit, it gets access to Steamworks features.

gamehubsThis means all of the Steam community can be unleashed into your virtual world. Virtual Game Hubs is just ONE of the exciting features made possible by this. Keep an eye out for information on how you’re Steam Inventory is going to make its way into Anarchy Arcade next!

Saving & the new console command: persistent_save

In version 2.0 of Source Media Arcade any customizations that you make to the map or to your item library during play will normally be saved when you close the game or change maps.  In most cases this is fine, but some people have unstable computers and would feel much better if their changes were saved instantly to avoid possibly losing their work due to a crash.  Today I added in a new Boolean console command called “persistent_save” that will instantly save any item file or map arrangement as soon as you make changes.