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Steamworks Player Hubs

Bring your Steam account to life in the virtual world.  Player hubs are like game hubs, but instead of being all about a specific game, they are all about a specific Steam player.

playerhubsPlayer & Game Hubs come together in an exciting new Anarchy Arcade feature that basically lets you create a media-rich, safe, and automatic 3D public hangout that you and your friends can enjoy. Stay tuned for more on this amazing new feature!

New Version on GameBanana.com!

The new version of SM Arcade (2.0e) is posted on GameBanana.com. Tell your friends, spread the word. Now’s the time to get more people interested in using the mod as their interactive desktop wallpaper.


Mentioned on the RetroGaming RoundUp #47

Can’t get enough retro games? I hope so, because the RetroGaming RoundUp is an 8 hour internet radio show that covers topics ranging from gaming conventions to top 10 lists.  Listening to the entire show in 1 sitting is not recommended. Source Media Arcade is listed on the show’s itinerary, but I haven’t heard the part where they mention it yet. If you find where they talk about it, let me know! Either way, its worth a listen if you love retro games.

RetroGaming RoundUp #47 – http://www.retrogamingroundup.com/shownotes/2011/roundup041_2011.11.htm

Source Media Arcade 2.0 RELEASED EARLY!!!

Once again, Source Media Arcade is being released early so you can make your spooky-themed arcades in time for Halloween.  One key new feature is a “GoLive!” item that will turn your single player game into an internet-enabled multiplayer game that appears on the master server list.

Download Source Media Arcade 2.0

Private beta server goes LIVE once again

Private multiplayer beta testing is LIVE once again, and the VRCADE SERVER has resumed hosting nightly sessions on one of the 4 maps in rotation. If you are interested in taking part in the private beta tests, just send me an email at contact@smsithlord.com.

Saving & the new console command: persistent_save

In version 2.0 of Source Media Arcade any customizations that you make to the map or to your item library during play will normally be saved when you close the game or change maps.  In most cases this is fine, but some people have unstable computers and would feel much better if their changes were saved instantly to avoid possibly losing their work due to a crash.  Today I added in a new Boolean console command called “persistent_save” that will instantly save any item file or map arrangement as soon as you make changes.

XBMC and SM Arcade

XBMC is an all-in-one 2D media center that organizes your media collection into a detailed library.  It automatically scrapes the internet for screenshots and marquee images for a variety of media types such as movies, music, and games.  Browsing your media collection with XBMC allows you to view box art, watch trailers, and access detailed information about each item in your library with ease.  It is also very light weight, runs on multiple operating systems, and has official Android and iPad apps to complement its functionality.  You can click here to browse the official XBMC site.

[singlepic id=249 w=320 h=240 float=center]

I have personally been using XBMC as a 2D interface to my media collection since even before Source Media Arcade BETA 1 was released.  But I find that its 2D interface and advanced internet scraping features work brilliantly in cooperation with the 3D interface that SM Arcade provides.  While XBMC is not required to use Source Media Arcade, the next version of SM Arcade does go the extra mile in an attempt to take full advantage of the features that this great 2D media interface provides.

First of all, the hashing algorithm written for SM Arcade produces the same file hashes that the XBMC algorithm does when organizing your media library.  This allows SM Arcade to find and use box art and screenshots directly from their location in your XBMC library.  In addition to the images, SM Arcade can parse NFO files created by XBMC to extract ALL of the details required to properly display a media item in both a singleplayer or multiplayer arcade server.

You can also set SM Arcade to playback movies via XBMC’s HTTP protocol.  This means that it is possible to start playing a different movie on every PC in your house all from the 3D interface of a single Source Media Arcade server. When SM Arcade is used in conjunction with XBMC, your computer is changed into a complete, engulfing, and open-ended media experience.

In the future, the relationship between XBMC and SM Arcade could become stronger with the use of more advanced protocols.  It may even be possible to utilize XBMC’s internet scraping features directly through these advanced protocols.

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More Than You Need To Know

If you would like a closer look at what an XBMC NFO file looks like compared to an SM Arcade ITM file, check out the links below.  Both files can be opened with Notepad.

View XBMC NFO file for the Hollywood movie Alien (1979)

View SM Arcade ITM file for the Hollywood movie Alien (1979)

As you can see, the XBMC NFO file contains more than enough information for the media item to be used in SM Arcade.  However, there are some fields that SM Arcade can utilize which XBMC does not, such as a Download or Purchase URL to obtain the media item itself.  You can use the HTML-powered menus of Source Media Arcade to set such fields, as illustrated in the screenshots below.

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