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Mentioned on the RetroGaming RoundUp #47

Can’t get enough retro games? I hope so, because the RetroGaming RoundUp is an 8 hour internet radio show that covers topics ranging from gaming conventions to top 10 lists.  Listening to the entire show in 1 sitting is not recommended. Source Media Arcade is listed on the show’s itinerary, but I haven’t heard the part where they mention it yet. If you find where they talk about it, let me know! Either way, its worth a listen if you love retro games.

RetroGaming RoundUp #47 – http://www.retrogamingroundup.com/shownotes/2011/roundup041_2011.11.htm

Built-in web scraper for game info


Today I was able to work in a fully functioning web-scraper that can grab descriptions and artwork images for a massive amount of games on a wide variety of platforms by scraping the AllGame.com website.  You can modify your search string as necessary and you are free to choose the best available match.  Only missing information will be imported, unless you specify otherwise.  Below is a slideshow that shows how easy the built-in web scraping is to use.  All of the information (description, screenshot image, marquee image) for the game Duke Nukem 64 is scraped from AllGame.com on the fly.