Illusions Map Pack

This is a competitive level pack containing 3 unique arenas that each call for their own set of gameplay tactics. All 3 maps are designed for Lightsaber combat with no Force powers; which basically means good old fashioned sword fighting.

Level 1: Illusions of Victory
This is a small arena built or 1v1 competitive saber duels, but also supports larger free-for-all games.

Each area is designed to be best suited for a different style of saber fighting.

A large, open dueling floor encourages the technique called “warping” where you move around excessively in all directions in hopes of confusing your opponent.

In another area, a slim suspended catwalk takes this technique out of the equation; forcing combat in this area to play out much differently than on the dueling floor.

Released in 2001 & 2008 (redux)

Level 2: Show of Skill
This arena is intended for 1v1 or small free-for-all games. It has a flat, unobstructed main dueling floor that allows the players to put their own movement and fighting skills to the test.

There is a single Shield Recharge power-up placed out over a deadly pit, with 2 parallel catwalks reaching out to it. This area adds a new element to standard catwalk dueling because the player now has the option to make the dangerous leap to the other near-by catwalk for a quick escape.

Released in 2008

Level 3: Madness
The entire level is floating over a deadly pit. A labyrinth of catwalks acts as the dueling floor. Here the objective is not to slip and fall to your death just as much as it is to kill your opponent.

Released in 2008

Released in 2008

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