Smoke Rocks

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This is a NF conc-fest level that is also well-suited for sabers; however, executing “conc-jumps” will get you around the level much faster than not.  The level is constructed with a set of modular wall objects complete with 4 varying levels of detail.  The levels of detail are controlled by a custom class cog; allowing for extensive use of Jedi Knight’s dynamic lighting system to light the level.  The terrain is a hand-sculpted mesh created to seal in this particular arrangement of wall and prop modules.  There sky consists of a hi-res skybox with an additional layer of clouds scrolling to the horizons.  All of the props also use hi-res models.  This level was one of the first levels released for Jedi Knight to utilize hi-res textures and requires the latest version of the Jedi Knight Unofficial Patch available on JK Hub.

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