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Domestic Dispute was created for small games of 3 or 4 players.  It contains a realistic floor plan for a 2 story house + basement and crawl space.  In addition to the complete floor plan of the house, the entire yard, the street, the mechanic’s repair shop next door, and adjacent lots are all playable.  This map is made for people who love to rush and offers countless tactical advantages for those in the know.  The exterior of the house is covered with full physics-controlled shutters that can be pushed or shot open.  There are plenty of destructible walls and floor panels that can change the flow combat.  Alert players can gain advantages by noticing when crickets suddenly stop chirping or by the sound of a window being shattered by an intruder.  It is possible to cut the power to the house and invade the objective in complete blackness.  There is also a Winter Christmas version of the map called de_home4holidays.

Game Story

Terrorists Objectives:
The local anti-terrorist unit has foiled a fund-raising mission of one of our urban cells. They have barricaded themselvs in our brothers’ own safehouse and are performing an on-site interogation. You have been air lifted to immediately radicate the situation.

Objective A – Do not allow ANY compromised information leave the scene, AT ALL COSTS. (hostage)

Objective B – Destroy all evidence linking us to our fallen cell. (bombs)

Counter-Terrorists Objectives:
After foiling a local terrorist plot, a high speed chase has ended at what appears to be the terrorist safehouse. Following a brief fire fight, we have secured the premesis. An FBI offical has already appeard on the scene to conduct an emergency on-site interogation of the two survivors. He has informed us that the suspects are only a small cell in a major, international terrorisim organization and additional terrorist forces may very well be enroute. For this reason, he will conduct his interogation in the terrorist’s own panic room until back-up can arrive.

Objective A – Protect ALL evidence in the terrorist safehouse. (guard bombsites)

Objective B – Ensure the completion of the FBI interogation. (guard panic room)

Objective C – Escort FBI official to safety upon completion of his interogation. (hostage)

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