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This map is an attempt to create a realistic environment where teams were completely free to develop their own tactics for victory.  Nearly the entire block surrounding the bank building is playable as well as the interior of the bank itself and there is also a sewer system connecting key locations.  Nearby buildings provide strategic sniper positions; making it dangerous to stand near windows while inside the bank.  Most of the buildings are based on actual structures.  There is a detailed soundscape that includes everything from birds chirping in specific trees to the telephones ringing at random intervals in the deserted office section of the bank.  This map requires a high-end PC to perform at competitive framerates.

Game Story

The terrorists heist of the Harbor Bank has ran into a hitch: they can’t get into the vault. Out of desperation they have taken four bank tellers hostage and demanded no police within one city block.

You are free to navigate a full 360 degrees around the exterior of the bank as you see fit, but beware of long range weapon fire.

If you get pinned down by snipers, you are advised to use the city’s underground drainage system to get yourself to a better position. It has entrances at every corner of the map.

The bank structure itself is the recommended zone for enemy encounterment. Its upstairs halls and offices should provide sufficient cover for you and your men using even short-range weapons.

The first floor lobby and vault room are more suited for mid-ranged weapons.

The hostage rescue zone is located AT THE HARBOR BOAT DOCKS. INTEL has determined this is the only feasible escape route to get the hostages to safety.

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