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This map was designed for large 64 man servers, and as a result is massive with lots of alternate routes to get around the map.  Encounter points are carefully positioned and secondary encounter points are planned as well.  This map is made for people who love to rush.  The brightly light environment takes the guess work out of aiming and this map is designed for competitive play.  Because of the map’s enormous size, the only way a team can hope to win is with good communication.

Game Story

Invading forces have seized our beloved city and begun systematically looting it of all its prized possessions and religious treasures.

We cannot standby silently while these heathenistic trespassers desecrate our homeland and strip it of all its culture and righteous relics.

It is our father’s will that we destroy these treasures and deliver them unto his hands rather than let them fall to these evil men.

This is not a battle to achieve victory, but rather a holy war waged to protect the integrity of your very own eternal soul.

Welcome death with the same passion that you wield it and your righteous glory shall be obtained!

Bomb Target A: A house of worship located towards the western part of the city. The priceless treasures within this church have yet to be discovered by the occupying forces. Insure that these relics remain sacred, at all costs.

Bomb Target B: The enemy has been stockpiling countless artifacts within the Great Tower until their relief can arrive to transport the treasures away. We must cause as much damage to the Great Tower as possible, but because of the occupation our access to the tower is greatly limited. Our best chance of saving the artifacts is bombing the mouth of the tower. Doing so will seal the tower shut and delay the evacuation of the loot. And this, our father willing, will cripple our enemies and insure your righteous glory in the everlasting.

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