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Survivor is a unique map because it is 90% displacement terrain.   It is also a remake of a 1.6 map, and forcing the displacement terrain to adhere to the original brush-based geometry while at the same time enhancing the realism of the landscape was no simple task. Fog and whether effects play a large roll in this map, with each area having its own unique whether conditions: T-spawn is crystal clear, the depths of the ravine are covered in heavy fog, the village has a light haze, the truck is in the midst of a snow storm, the plane crash is covered with the steam of melting snow. Spectating in this map is especially satisfying because the terrain in every area of the map is seamlessly stitched together with snow-capped cliffs.

Game Story

A high priority informant has been shot down by enemy forces in a remote mountainous area. A local private security force has been contracted by the US to be America’s first response in bringing the plane crash survivor into custody for interrogation. The survivor has locked himself in the cockpit of the plane wreckage. Counter-Terrorist objective is to secure the immobilized target until the 2nd American team arrives. Terrorist objective is to execute the target or otherwise prevent his extraction by US forces.

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