Week 7

This week I optimized the back-end AArcade JavaScript API and the thumbnail image loading system.  The image loading system is just one of the many systems that use the AArcade JavaScript API to power their functionality.  Making sure that the Chromium core and the AArcade JavaScript API are robust enough to handle everything that they are going to be used for is vital at this stage of development to ensure that all goes smoothly later on.

There are several different locations that each 3D shortcut might use to load artwork images to use to decorate its in-game cabinet.  These include web-based HTTP addresses, or local image file locations.  One of the new features worked into Anarchy Arcade’s brand new image loading system this week was the ability to detect when an image fails to load, and attempt to use alternate image locations accordingly.

Even at this early stage, everything that is implemented into Anarchy Arcade has multiplayer in mind.  This past week I tied the image loading system into the multiplayer item syncing system, so now the images that are being loaded and displayed on the cabinet models are calculated directly from the attributes of the 3D shortcuts themselves.  This is a huge step towards getting the Steam version of Anarchy Arcade to the type of functionality seen in the prototype.

All of the work over the past few weeks has been towards the ultimate goal of being able to implement the data scraping system that powers all of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into turning a boring standard desktop shortcut into a HD media-rich 3D shortcut.  It is also what powers all of the 3D Web features of Anarchy Arcade and is vital for implementing HUBs.  The data scraping features of Anarchy Arcade are responsible for a majority of the automation that is seen in the prototype as well as the amazing new features built into the Steam version’s design.

The web data scraping system will be built on top of the AArcade JavaScript API, so next week as I continue to implement the core functionality of Anarchy Arcade I will be programming in the foundation of the web data scraping system and expanding the AArcade JavaScript API.  All of this will be done in such a way to accommodate HUBs, multiplayer, and all of the other systems that are deeply connected to how web data scraping will behave.

On Wednesday, I will be hosting a live video stream using the prototype (which is still publicly supported even though it does not receive updates anymore).  There will be live chat too, so if you have any questions about Anarchy Arcade or the prototype, be sure to “tune-in” to www.twitch.tv/AnarchyArcade on Wednesdays between noon and midnight to participate.

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