Week 4

The past two months I spent running/promoting the Kickstarter campaign with lots of news articles and prototype updates.  But now that the Kickstarter is concluded, it’s time for me to get back to coding right where I left off about two months ago.

I’m trying to get to the part where Anarchy Arcade will download your images from URLs again, but first I need to code in the part that resolves an image location to an actual URL.  This is because image location values can point to a few different types of things: local images, web images, or Steam community images.  I also must finalize the file structure that files will be saved into your AA folder with.

This means studying the code that I have implemented thus far into the Steam version (to jog my memory) and writing some fresh flow charts to cover all the different use-cases that might arise.

I’ll be streaming some development from time to time on twitch.tv/AnarchyArcade so be sure to follow my Twitch channel if you want to be notified when the stream goes live!  Also, every Wednesday the stream will be live all day long as I play video games instead of working on development. :)

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